building ambitions

Welcome to Newmanor, a bold new style of legal and business advising for the real estate world. We’ve created a service that combines fresh technology with legal insight and compelling service to help build great things: offices, homes, businesses, communities, legacies.


Driven by a passionate belief in the positive change we can achieve together, we’re here to deliver the support you need to tackle the toughest commercial goals. That means expert advice and guidance on every aspect of real estate every step of the way, from financing to development, acquisition to sale.

You could say we’ve turned our back on the rulebook of traditional legal practice. We’ve built our firm entirely around the enduring and emerging needs of our clients rather than an old-fashioned partnership. We work hard to build a legacy for our people, our profession and our community. And one thing’s for sure. Whether it’s our transparent and progressive approach to fees or our fresh attitude to legal processes and technology, you’ll really notice the difference.