Ready to do things differently? That’s what we like to hear.

Being part of a new wave of progressive law firms can offer a much wider scope for development than most traditional partnerships, especially when it comes to client engagement.

You’ll also find that being part of a niche boutique can offer a much clearer roadmap for your career and makes the best use of your talents, too. Above all, a shared purpose unites this business in its endeavours, every day. If you want to be part of our team, we should talk.


Current vacancies

Newmanor Law are recruiting experienced Senior Real Estate Solicitors to join our successful team. We are looking for entrepreneurial solicitors who are looking to break free from the traditional law firm model. To find out more please contact James Dakin on +44 (0)7733 264 800 or for a confidential discussion.

Clodagh Wright

"Having never had a legal interview before, I was admittedly nervous and anticipated being faced with technical and obscure questions. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I was warmly welcomed, and I soon felt at ease, quickly bonding with James over a good cup of coffee, and with Karen over shoes! It’s safe to say I came out feeling like maybe not all lawyers were as intimidating as I had led myself to believe."

Clodagh joined Newmanor as a university graduate and spent two years with us.

Why Newmanor?

Here is what some of our employees say about working for us:


"The collaborative approach at Newmanor stands at every level, from the Founders to Interns, and I honestly believe it’s what makes for such a great working environment."

Kelly Fowler, Associate


"Newmanor has a collaborative and open atmosphere and a great team spirit. It is clear that each person’s contributions and successes are valued."

Mandy Purewal, Associate


"Newmanor is a dynamic new firm unconstrained by old processes and thinking. We are genuinely trying to forge a new way of doing things that brings out the best in people."

Edmund Barnes, Associate


"Newmanor has a clear vision and part of that is to support and develop your client base so that both you and the firm flourish as the firm grows."

Alex Pelopidas, Partner

Ammna (1)

"My internship was a huge step in the right direction. During my time at Newmanor, I had the opportunity to work alongside an amazing and diverse real estate and real estate finance team who have enriched my understanding of what it would be like to practise as a solicitor."