kelly fowler

Kelly Fowler now Senior Legal Assistant at Newmanor Law

Kelly Fowler now Senior Legal Assistant at Newmanor Law

Given the pessimism in some quarters surrounding the commercial property sector in the current economic climate, the recent recruitment of new talent to our team to help manage our increasing workload might surprise some of the ‘full-service’ law firms, who lack our focus.

As a relatively new specialist real estate law firm, which just celebrated its second anniversary, we are happy to report that we have remained busy throughout the upheaval caused by the pandemic and associated government-imposed lockdown.

Our ability to deliver the advice and personal high-quality service our clients have come to expect is in part due to our boutique firm focus on all things real estate, but largely due to the talented team we have developed here at Newmanor Law.

Everyone within our team understands the reason we specialise in real estate law and why our clients come first, above everything else. No one in our team typifies the Newmanor Law approach better, than Kelly Fowler, a legal assistant who was here on day one, when the business was founded.

From New Zealand to Newmanor

Kelly studied for her law degree at the University of Otago on the South Island of New Zealand, but chose to settle in London in 2015 and joined us from the start in September 2018. Her unique set of skills include marketing, design and graphics, all of which complement her legal mind developed getting her law degree.

Kelly worked her way through a number of legal roles, before deciding her future lay in real estate and happily for us, deciding Newmanor Law offered the opportunity she sought to grow personally and acquire the skills needed to progress her legal career.

So, it is with immense pride that in recognition of her outstanding work for the firm we have promoted Kelly to Senior Legal Assistant, as she takes another important step up her personal career ladder.

The nature of our work, ensures there will be less time for Kelly to show her hand at marketing and design, as she will now be taking a major role on the increasing number of property finance deals brought to our door by those clients seeking legal advisers who get straight to the issues that matter.

There is more for Kelly to discover about property law, but there is nothing anyone could add to improve the approachable, easy-going and client-based focus she brings to the team at Newmanor Law.

Please remember to congratulate Kelly if you email or speak to her in the coming months, as it reminds us all that attitude and dedication is what really matters when it comes to getting property deals done in an efficient and timely manner – the Newmanor Law way.