Lessons learnt from the pandemic – Residential development webinar


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Lessons learnt from the pandemic – Residential development webinar

Join us and a panel of industry experts as we discuss the lessons and trends to be borne out of the pandemic across the residential property sector.

What are the key changes that the sector will continue to embrace in the coming months, and what do we believe should be jettisoned as we emerge into a post-pandemic world?

We will be hoping to welcome specialists from across the sector to engage with us as we look to answer this and host of other timely questions, including;

  • Will all housing need to be maximised for adaptability to be our home and office in the future, or will the market demand that the two are separated out again?
  • How much are the online methods of valuation and sales here to stay?
  • Will lenders underwrite from now on as if the pandemic is here to stay, and is that a good approach?
  • In what ways were developers’ budgets and milestones altered by the pandemic, and how will this look in the future?
  • What expectations do we have regarding timelines – did some of the delays experienced teach us anything positive?


Tuesday 29th March 2022 – 9am