Newmanor Law drives efficiency with HighQ investment

Newmanor Law drives efficiency with HighQ investment

Here at Newmanor Law, we pride ourselves on the close relationships we build with our clients, but believe we can always collaborate more closely with them and improve our service to deliver an experience second to none, whatever the size of the deal.

Having witnessed the benefits of the HighQ platform in previous firms, the ability for it to streamline legal service delivery and help us engage better with clients was already known and appreciated.

The size of the firm might be different and some would argue the niche firm, focussed on a single sector like Real Estate is the future of legal services, but our ambition is no less than firms a hundred times the size of Newmanor Law.

HighQ is part of Thomson Reuters, which in itself should be enough of a recommendation for anyone in the legal sector, who understand the need for law firms to be more efficient, agile and competitive in the current economic climate.

And of course, despite a slow return to the office, the pandemic has proved the need for being able to work more intelligently and collaboratively with colleagues when apart, whilst delivering more responsive, transparent and valuable services to our clients.

It’s early days with HighQ

Although intelligently priced as a per-user subscription, which makes the service viable for even niche firms like our own, the cost is significant, but we believe our investment stands testament to our commitment to service quality improvement.

Given the scope of what HighQ offers and the fact we’re fitting in learning how to use it, around working for clients in what is perhaps a surprisingly busy period, it will be a few weeks before we roll it out fully across the firm and our clients.

We remain busy and undertook a number of transactions and negotiations during lockdown, managing to transition seamlessly to a remote approach, faring rather batter than some of our less agile, more unwieldy competitors, many of whom appear still to be suffering as lockdown is lifted.

With so many documents needed in even relatively small transactions and our advice to developers to keep very, very accurate records of every stage in the projects, the ability to share documents securely, via the HighQ cloud data rooms is a good step in our digital transformation.

Getting closer to clients with HighQ

The new set of project management tools at our disposal will ensure we connect, collaborate and communicate even more efficiently and effectively than we already do, which again is a significant step in shaping our business to be the Real Estate law firm of the future.

Importantly, at the same time as delivering superior client service, HighQ also helps ensure our compliance with requirements such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within a stricter data-protection environment.

The HighQ system allows us to manage separate streams of a project, or different projects for separate parts of a client organisation at the same time, with everyone involved from our side, the client side and third-party advisers able to see the next in a deal, at any time, in real time.

We’ll keep you posted on our learning curve, but in the meantime, if you have any questions about a real estate deal, a lease negotiation or questions about property finance, please get in touch and we’ll have an old-fashioned chat on the phone.