News Round-Up – July 2022


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News Round-Up – July 2022

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From the Editor….

The summer months are upon us, and we have all been able to feel the effects of global warming with the recent heatwaves we have experienced. We have also lost a prime minister and there is on our screens commentary about the two contestants for the leadership of the conservative party, winners to be announced by the start of September. By then there will be no Love Island to distract us, and we will be firmly into the fourth quarter of the year. There is much crystal ball gazing about the economy and where we will be by then, but we shall know soon enough. We are still hopeful for better days ahead and the end to the war in Ukraine.

At Newmanor we have been doing much work to amplify why we are different from other firms in the legal market. We have also signed off on our service pledge to all our clients, something we have all worked on and are very proud of. We are also working on updating our website to show the world our message and the great work we are doing.

What of the team? We have so far had two wonderful Interns Layli Milani and Kai Omestad, both of whom are helping us to continue our experiment of having overseas interns who can help at the end of the working day here in the UK.  Our not so new partner Alex Pelopidas continues to be busy out and about with James and I reconnecting with his property finance contacts and spreading the Newmanor word. Alex is also now planning our third webinar on distressed loans and assets, so get ready to support this event.  Anne continues to be on extended leave. Clodagh is leaving us in September to take her SQE, the new solicitors’ qualification exam.  She has also secured a training contract with another City firm to gain experience outside our niche. We shall miss Clodagh but wish her well on the next part of her legal journey. Cerys has been busy helping us to bed in a new developer client who has a busy development programme building homes and student accommodation in the southeast. Edmund has been busy balancing work with a refurbishment programme at home and being out and about entertaining clients. Edmund has completed a number of lettings which he has shared on LinkedIn. Ella and Mandy have both been working on developing a process for our new client AnyNest, whose acquisition programme is really gathering momentum. We are so pleased to be part of this shared ownership programme which creates a real sense of community.  James and I are continuing to work on growing the team and client base to achieve the best results for our clients.