News Round-Up – November 2021


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News Round-Up – November 2021

We sent out the latest edition of our newsletter, the Newmanor Law Download…, this week. Our bimonthly newsletter covers important updates on current commercial property news, as well as the latest happenings in the firm.

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From the editor

Since our last Download the days have been drawing in and the temperatures have dropped. Nonetheless we have been spending time in the City and the West End. It is so refreshing to be back to meetings in person and reconnecting with friends and contacts.

The last few months for us has been all about renewing our PI insurance, what a fretful time this is. We are told that the insurance market is in turmoil and premiums are through the roof, so we have had to take our medicine and pay up as there is much less capacity in the PI market at present. We were also told many times “count yourselves lucky that you are not a surveyor or a valuer”. I do not think there was any comfort in that statement for us. Knowing that other real estate professionals are also suffering does nothing to pay our insurance bill and undermines market activity. Luckily, we have had our second nomination for the British Legal Awards Boutique Law firm to cheer us up and to remind us we are on the right track.

What of the rest of the team? Susan, Kelly, Clodagh, Anne and Millie have all been very busy on development financings, pushing them over the finish line. Cerys has also been very busy as a number of our current transactions have a large construction element, confirming that development continues to move at a real pace. Edmund has been attending weddings including his brother’s wedding and looking after his dog Ollie who picked up a foot injury but is now better.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of two new senior members of staff. Gunraj Arora, a commercial property law specialist and a wellbeing champion, joined us earlier this month, and we have a new partner, Alex Pelopidas, joining us on 6 December. We have also been joined by one of our old colleagues Ella Tozzi who joins us as a legal assistant. Until next time….