Niche Firm Network celebrates two years of successful collaboration


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Niche Firm Network celebrates two years of successful collaboration

We have just entered our second year of virtual networking. Unwelcome as this is on many fronts, the Niche Firm Network has adapted proactively and positively to the new format and our virtual events programme is going from strength to strength.

The Niche Firm Network was established in November 2018 by James Dakin and Karen Mason with the support of like-minded niche firms. The ethos underpinning the Network is to share knowledge, to network and introduce new contacts, and to be able to connect clients to experienced lawyers with other areas of expertise. Since our inaugural meeting two years ago in January 2019 the Network has expanded and strengthened. The membership now includes 40 lawyers within 15 member firms.

Our in-person meetings have been hosted by Network members in a variety of locations, from members’ clubs to private rooms in restaurants, and have been a great opportunity for members and their guests to get to know each other and understand more about their work, client base and client requirements, as well as to enjoy some excellent refreshments.

The virtual events have continued with a different member of the Network hosting each month. The host member shares their expertise – whether by highlighting potential legal pitfalls, outlining their view of new laws or regulations or other newsworthy or topical issues – or invites a guest speaker to present to members. The guest will be an expert or provider of services in an area of interest to members or their clients. Members are always invited to ask questions and the meetings are informative and entertaining.

The new year of virtual networking was kicked off in style by the Network’s family and divorce law specialists, Peters May. On 21st January Peters May hosted a Q&A session on frequently asked questions in their area of expertise.

The Peters May team answered questions on issues such as finding a good divorce lawyer, the costs involved, the implications of separation for unmarried couples and their children, and parental alienation. In this area it is particularly important to choose the right lawyer as clients will spend a lot of time with their lawyers so need to have a good relationship.

Whilst we are all eager to resume the more traditional form of networking so that we can meet in person and get together with the Network’s wider non-lawyer members, we will continue virtually as long as we must.