Ammna’s experience as an intern

Ammna's internship 2022

My internship was a huge step in the right direction. During my time at Newmanor, I had the opportunity to work alongside an amazing and diverse real estate and real estate finance team who have enriched my understanding of what it would be like to practise as a solicitor.

As an intern, your first day can be quite daunting, however, my nerves immediately vanished as I met the team who made me feel very welcome. There is a collaborative working environment and I was able to freely express my opinion in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  Every question I had whether it be a challenge I was facing or advice on my future law career was explored and answered together as a team.

Ammna (1)

We are living in a world where technology is continuously developing in outstanding ways and Newmanor has certainly embraced this to great advantage. Every project that was I was asked to contribute towards came with a helpful set of instructions that did not leave me in the dark and the projects were incredibly enjoyable to complete. My month at the firm provided me with a new set of skills that I can use as I move forwards with my ambition to have a career in law.