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As a law firm specialising in commercial real estate and real estate finance, Newmanor Law brings partner-led expertise to bear on difficult issues such as Distressed Assets. We also operate a one-team approach to provide joined-up solutions based on decades of experience.

Our clients are well-known names in the property market, who value our genuine fixed fees and our commitment to provide smooth transactions which are delivered on time.


Distressed Assets with Newmanor Law

As the economic headwinds continue to gather pace, the UK property market faces unprecedented uncertainty.

Developers continue to face higher interest rates, lower house prices, an increased cost in materials, a shortage of skilled labour, and energy squeezes, leaving many development projects on the verge of being mothballed, simply because of external financing factors.

Currently, office occupation is at an all-time low, retail is suffering and even industrial yields are changing.

Whilst at least in the short term, the residential rental market is booming due to purchasing power being reduced and the demand for rental increased, residential sales may still see stagflation as high-interest rates hit both buyers and those re-mortgaging.

But where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. And for those looking to capitalise on the market fluctuations, or simply consolidate their position to protect their distressed assets or existing investment, the team at Newmanor Law has the skillset and experience to provide the crucial support needed to leverage the best outcome from a tumultuous set of circumstances.

Any investment in property that is now priced at below market value can be classified as a distressed asset. This is generally because the current operator, manager, or owner has solvency or cash flow issues.

Investment in a distressed asset can take numerous forms, such as loan-to-own, equity positions, , or senior loans. But put very simply, a distressed asset often presents well-positioned real estate investors with a real bargain.

But when buying a distressed property, credibility and certainty of execution are critical. Sellers do not have to take the lowest offer but can take the offer they believe will ensure the deal is concluded. As such, the credibility of the buyer is the key as is a track record and an element of that is having the right advisors around them, and that is where Newmanor Law steps in.

How Can Newmanor Law Help with Distressed Loans & Enforcement

There are currently a huge number of development projects on the verge of being postponed simply because of external financing factors, including higher interest rates, lower house prices, an increase in construction materials, the current labour shortage, or planning delays. Any one of these challenges could make a development economically unviable, but with market forces conspiring to create perfect storm for borrowers, lenders and investors alike, some will find the environment just too tough to continue to operate in.

This is where the team at Newmanor Law can support. Whether it's negotiating refinancing deals, managing the sale of a distressed business or project, sourcing alternative funding, or contracting new partners and investment, Newmanor Law has your best interests at heart, and can be there to guide you through the trials and tribulations posed by the real estate market at present.

Areas of work include:

Why Choose Newmanor for Distressed Assets


Real estate focus

Unlike full-service law firms, our service is focussed only on commercial real estate and real estate finance matters. Everything we do and every decision we make is designed to deliver best in class legal expertise for our clients.


Genuine fixed fees

Our service is based on fixed fees linked to a definitive scope of work. We do not provide estimates that lead to ambush billing on the eve of completion. We do not have time recording targets, just a focus on getting the deal done effectively and efficiently to meet our clients’ requirements.


Small firm, big team

We are a confident boutique firm with a team of 14 lawyers, including legal assistants, paralegals, associates, partners and consultants. The team we put at your disposal is larger than the real estate and finance teams of most competitor firms.


Push and tell

We proactively take ownership of your deals. We will push them forward and tell you what we have done and when, so you always know the progress of each deal. Our approach instils confidence that our team is doing everything possible to ensure transactions run smoothly.


One team, no silos

We work as a team to get things done, ensuring there are no gaps in the service delivered. There is no buck-passing between departments, we own deals and take personal responsibility to see them through to completion.


We listen

We understand good communication is key. We will always actively seek your feedback and we will action the points you identify. Our team will work closely with you in a collaborative way to ensure you come to regard Newmanor as an extension of your team.


Genuine client care

Our lawyers understand their careers are defined by the service they deliver to you and your business, not by their ability to bill the life out of you. This requires us to genuinely get to know you and your ambitions, to see how else we help you achieve your outcomes. Your success is our success.


Excellent service

We ensure every one of our team delivers the best possible client service and this is enshrined in our Service Pledge. This focus on client care saw us shortlisted for the Boutique Law Firm of the Year at the Modern Legal Awards and named as a Firm to Watch in the Legal 500 for Commercial Property and Real Estate Finance.

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